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Protecting your team apparel with All® and Snuggle®

This is a promotional post

Did you see the Little League® World series? All® and Snuggle® were there as official sponsors. Have you seen the new Peanuts movie trailer- those dirty, baseball loving friends? All® is a proud film sponsor for this upcoming release. Together All® and Snuggle® work hard to get those stains out of our children’s clothes. Whether they play outdoor sports or just play hard on the school ground, fighting those stains is challenging. I love using All® Oxy for those tough dirt stains and you will find it helps tremendously as well. Pair the detergent with Snuggle® Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener and you can not only see the clean, but smell the clean as well!
But, sometimes stains just happen even off the play fields. As Baseball playoffs near and NFL season begins, we will be sporting our team apparel. We live near Seattle and Seattle is known for it’s team spirit we hold proudly for our Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners and still hold attendance records in MLS for supporting our Seattle Sounders. 
Now that NFL season has started so has Blue Friday in our state. This was adopted years back with our Seattle Seahawks. Every week we play, everyone sports there Seahawks gear on Fridays-visit Seattle during NFL season and you’ll see the blue and green on everyone on Blue Friday. The school’s support it and even many grocery stores offer discounts if you shop that Friday in your Seahawks gear. 

Keeping our Seattle Seahawks apparel clean and ready for the next Friday and game day is a weekly process and the last thing I want to do is not be able to remove a stain because the apparel is not cheap! I need the best to keep them bright and clean each week!
So keep All® Oxy and Snuggle® Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener and wear your sports apparel proudly! if stains occur, you’ll be armed and ready to fight any stains. Treat clothing stains right away and don’t forget to add fabric softener to your favorite team blanket as you snuggle up at game time so you have the freshness and softness that lasts!
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