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Protect your valuables and child with the nio Tag by Bluenio

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This is a product review for Bluenio products

Protect your valuables…even your children!

We all know someone with a horror story about losing or having had stolen a valuable such as their laptop, cell phone or even for a moment…their child! We do what we can to protect those precious items that sometimes hold a lot of personal information within them. We are in the technology age and we have devices that would cost us hundreds to replace and months of fixing your credit report if ever someone did harm with the information they found on your devices. We are all vulnerable to theft or just plain ‘ole forgetfulness and these items can be gone in an instant! Do you have a teenager? They are probably even more vulnerable as they strut their electronics throughout the campus. 

Bluenio understands this need for security and an alarm to keep our valuables safe! The nio Tag from Bluenio is a security device everyone should have! Not worried about losing electronics? How about your purse or even your child?

What is nio Tag?

nio Tag is a bluetooth low energy security tag. You download the bluenio app onto your phone, charge the nio Tag, set up using a 2-factor authentication system where you need to come up with a passcode AND another form of identity. This assures your information stays private if your device leaves your sight.

The battery has a life of 4 months on a single charge! It operates up to 20 meters and you recharge using USB. You use a find my phone app if you loose the device itself! It comes in white or black and is slim so it will fit anywhere you need to attach it. It also comes with a clip and some laynards for options on how to best attach your nio Tag to your valuables.
nio Tag is available Worldwide and sells for $59.99 USD. To learn more, visit

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