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Products Made with Goats Milk for Dogs

Indigo Wild made itself known from their Yum Bars. These handmade bars were cooked up in Emily Voth’s kitchen in 1996. Now they take natural ingredients and make all kinds of products for humans and non-humans too. Today I am featuring some products made with goats milk for dogs.

This is Maya, she is mature enough to stay out on her own when we leave but Leah is younger and a bit more destructive so she stays kenneled if we leave and at night. When I was sent the Yum Glow Candle I read that it keeps your house from smelling like the doghouse with the aroma of Lavender, Lemon and Patchouli essential oils.

It is made with natural ingredients and essential oils and smells great. It gets stinky in the kennel area and the lemon and lavender are great aromas to bring a calmness to the room for Leah or when Maya has to stay out long separated from her sister.

As the spring rain is here the backyard grass is always wet and when Maya and Leah get outside they wrestle and run and come in covered in mud. We have a bathroom with a shower hose downstairs so we can lead them right into the shower and hose them off. This is where I keep the Yum Wash and Yum Bar because I need a quick clean and a better smell than mud and dirt from these pups!

If you are looking for products for your pups or even yourself and the home visit Indigo Wild and see all that they offer. There is a lot and all made with natural ingredients and the essential oils you love most.

Comment: I was sent product. All opinions are 100% my own

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