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Product Pick Of The Week: Soda Stream

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I am in love with my Soda Stream!
I can ditch standard sodas that are full of additives and unnessesary chemicals and drink a more natural soda. The boys love using the machine and I am OK with them drinking the products.

Kohls has it for only $99.98! If you have Kohl’s cash or can check their savings they constantly have, you can save even more!
Mine came with a sampler pack.
The Cola tastes like Coca Cola
The Energy Mix tastes like Red Bull
The Diet Dr Pete tastes just like Dr Pepper
The Cranberry Raspberry is like a flavored sprite

If you like soda and want a healthy alternative, the Soda Stream is for you!
This is not a sponsored post

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4 thoughts on “Product Pick Of The Week: Soda Stream”

  1. I have the soda stream and I love it. I make the water bubbly and add lemon or lime for a healthy alternative to diet soda. Love this product!

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