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Prepping and Storing Your Vegetables for Lasting Freshness

At the end of this month we are moving the oldest son and his girlfriend in so they have the opportunity to save for a home of their own. This means 2 extra adult mouths to feed. I have got to get back to my meal prepping or my grocery bill could become insane!

I actually enjoy veggie prepping the best. Call me odd, but I enjoy chopping and slicing the vegetables I bring back from the local farms. I take the end of the weekend to prep my veggies for the week. If I take this time I find we eat more of them because they are always waiting and ready in the refrigerator and counters. These tips can help you be veggie ready for meals and snacks.

Food Storage

The first thing to do to get organized is do a storage check. When you prep certain vegetables that can be pre-cut, how and where you store them is crucial. If you get quality storage pieces then you can store them on any shelf because they will stay sealed and fresh.

I use Wellslock food storage containers. Wellslock innovative design includes an airtight and liquid-tight seal that prevents moisture retention and slows down food spoilage. My food stays fresh and always ready to eat all week long. Wellslcok makes storing your vegetables organized and hassle free.

Washing your Vegetables

When it comes to prepping vegetables, remember this small washing rule – Washing too soon brings bacteria and doom! Silly? I cannot remember who told me that once, but it comes back to me all the time. Green, whole and most fresh vegetables are better washed only right before use. It may seem like a time saver to wash them right away then store, but that can only bring an environment bacteria love! If your leafy greens were bought washed and are still wet, keep them loosely covered in the fridge and add a piece of paper towel to help soak up that moisture. Don’t airtight lock the wet greens until dry.

Where to store your vegetables

This is easy. For the most part, if you bought it in the refrigeration case in store, then put them in your refrigerator. If you bought your veggies in the island tables, store them on your counter. You get your tomatoes, onions, potatoes, garlic on the island tables so those can store on your counter or veggie basket until use.

To cut or not to cut your vegetables

There are some vegetables I cut up when I know I will use them in the next few days. Others I keep whole until use. Vegetables you can pre-cut are: firm vegetables like butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or broccoli, green onion, bell peppers. I vent my lid or open the tab on my storage containers and sometimes add a damp paper towel if it will be more than a day before I use them.

Eggplant, tomatoes, onions and potatoes are best cut right before use to avoid discoloring and to keep them fresher longer.

These small tips can help make sure that as you move along with your meal prep those colorful vegetables stay fresh and you will be motivated to use them more in your meals for healthier eating habits.

*I used and have pictured food storage container from Wellslock. I was sent a set for feature. Find Wellslock online or on Amazon.

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