Prepare and snack Tupperware Fridge Stackables

This is a promotional post. I was sent a sample.

With school back in session and the need for easy lunches and after school snacks, Tupperware has a solution to make your lunch or snack making easier for the entire family! I make my son’s lunches and every morning I take out the meat, cut up some cheese and make his sandwich. Then I grab some fruit to cut up and put in baggies. With the Tupperware Fridge Stackables, I can take one evening to prepare snacks and lunched-slice it all up and have it stored and ready to go from the stackable. 
About Tupperware Fridge Stackables
  • Come in small and family size (I have the small unit above)
  • Comes with a grid to keep meats and some veggies elevated and fresh
  • Comes with a seal lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty on chips and cracks
  • Available at for $24-$27.
Save time and keep those cut veggies and meats fresh for snacks and lunches. 
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