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Prep & Serve Kickstarter Promotion-A Cooler way to prep food

This is not a sponsored post. Parenting Healthy supports new, small busineses

At Parenting Healthy, I support new and small businesses. Kickstarter is a great way for new ideas to transform into products for us to use. Many offer incentives for your donation and I want to highlight the Prep & Serve Kickstarter Promotion.
Prep & Serve is a product that I know would simplify my life. In the above photo I can only imagine how useful this would be on a picnic or a day on the water. Making sandwiches for a family of 5 wold be much fresher and more simple then a bunch of tupperware. It is BPA-free plastic and is a modular system. It puts multiple containers under 1 lid. Great for Tacos, sandwiches and more!
Pledge Motivators

If you are a Blogger who also supports small businesses, making little pledges should not break your budget and many times you get acknowledgements that help put your name on websites.
  • $2 pledge to Prep & Serve gets you acknowledgement on their website
  • $10 pledge to Prep & Serve gets you insider promotions and a free healthy recipe booklet
  • $39+ pledge to Prep & Serve gets you the full 20 pc Prep & Serve set of eight containers and lids, along with four extra containers. Menu & Shipping included!

The list goes on and one and you can see all the perks by visiting the 
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