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Preorder the Children’s Book – Think Big and Teach Positive Self-Talk

Children's Book - Think Big

With staying indoors we are bound to cycle through our books and art supplies. Soon we will see the need to refresh our kids entertainment. In May this fantastic book, Think Big will be available and you can pre order it now. May will be about the time we have read all of our other books a dozen times and this book has more than one message to share!

Think Big is about a moody baboon who faces the challenge of a lifetime: the African savanna he and all of the other animals call home is facing a life-threatening drought. He will have to use his own gifts, the power of his BIG ideas, and good decision making to get his friends to work together and save their space!

Think Big will help you:

  • Talk about how we can all pitch in and help when faced with a challenge
  • Replace your children’s fear and anxiety with empowerment
  • About positive self-talk and how it can help kids to be their best selves
  • Learn the value of the three G’s: Goals, Gratitude, and Giving
  • Spend quality time together reading a book, while also learning (did you know it is a scientific fact that we are all made of a little stardust? So cool!)

Think Big is written by Kat Kronenberg, who also wrote Dream Big and Love Big. Preorder today at Amazon HERE!

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