Premium Cake Decorating Tips Kit

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Premium Cake Tips

If you have thought about getting some cake or cupcake decorating tips, these are fantastic and available on Amazon Prime. They come with an ebook of tips and ideas to help you out.


  • 5 Round Tips of different diameters for perfect message writing, making lines or lattices, piping figures, dots and balls of different size, filling centers and other parts of flowers, outlining details, as well as drawing bunches of grapes and other berries. Types 1, 3, 8, 10, 12
  • 4 Petal Tips (Rose, Tear-Drop or Almond shaped) of different sizes for creating a variety of beautiful floral petals. Types 61, 97, 101, 104
  • 2 Open Star Tips of the two most used opening sizes for decorating your cake with “one squeeze” flowers. These tips make 7 and 8 petal flowers. Types 18 and 21
  • 2 Leaf Tips of the two most popular sizes for cake decorating. If you create flowers on your cake, it is necessary to make leaves for them. These types of leaf tips help you achieve the perfect sizes to match your flowers! Types 70 and 352
  • 1 Basketwave Tip. Done creating your gorgeous flowers? How about creating a basket for them? This particular tip is the perfect tool to make a basket easily! It can also be used for making a textured surface of any kind, pleats, scallops or borders. Type 47
  • 1 Multi opening (Russian type) tip. This is used for making different patterns, grass for example. Type 233
  • 1 Special opening tip for creating narrow ribbons, can also be used to create flower petals or textured borders! Type 81
  • 16 pastry bags
  • 3 couplers to fit all tip sizes
  • ebook of tips and ideas
  • Case to store then all and dividers to organize them inside


Order now and have these for the holidays!

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