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Pregnancy Sleep Guide: Tips To Achieve the Best Sleep

According to a US National Sleep Foundation survey on women and sleep, 78% of pregnant women reported cases of interrupted pregnancy sleep. With all the cramps, heartburn, baby kicks, and countless other body changes, sleeping peacefully is almost impossible. However, there are various things that you can do to sleep better and also lift your mood. Here is the ultimate sleeping guide for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Sleep Guide: Tips To Achieve the Best Sleep
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1. Set a bedtime routine

Sleeping at the same time each day helps minimize interruptions during sleep. It signals your body and brain that it’s time to rest, making you likely to have a night of uninterrupted sleep. Include things like a warm massage, reading a novel, wearing a comfortable maternity dress, and listening to soft music in your routine to help you wind down. Moreover, switch off all electronics and avoid noise. Such conditions will help you fall and stay asleep without disturbances.

2. Sleep on your side

During the last stages of your pregnancy, changing sleeping options may be uncomfortable. That being said, start sleeping on your side during the first few months of your pregnancy as you will be required to sleep on your side as your pregnancy progresses. The position helps relieve the pressure resulting from your baby’s weight with your pregnancy sleep.

3. Stack some pillows

A total body pillow is a necessity for all pregnant moms, just like these other natural pregnancy must-haves. It’s handy for the third trimester as it allows maximum body support. It adjusts to the contours of your body hence supporting and realigning your back, neck, belly, and hips. If you don’t have this, use regular pillows and keep experimenting on the best way to use them, or use a reclining chair to help promote good blood circulation, aid relaxation and take the weight off. This is just as important for pregnant women as it is for those breastfeeding. 

Alternatively, if you love sleeping on your stomach, tuck the pillow under your abdomen, or put it in between your legs if you’re a side sleeper. You can stuff them beneath the arch of your lower back, which helps ease pressure from your end. If you don’t mind the cost, acquire a pregnancy pillow, and it will promote a more comfortable sleep.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising has many perks for pregnant women. It may be tough but it will help you deal with leg cramps and boost your circulation, enabling you to sleep better. In the first few weeks, engage in light exercises as your body adjusts to the changes. Activities like swimming, walking, and yoga are all great during pregnancy. Other forms of exercise are also great, but they shouldn’t be too strenuous. Such activities will help you sleep better as long as you don’t exercise right before bedtime. Or, alternatively, you could consider taking a health and fitness to learn about your body, be healthy, and prepare for your future career.

5. Get adequate sunlight

Sunlight is essential during pregnancy. It will supply you with the right amounts of vitamin D, which is useful for your daily body processes. It’s critical for calcium absorption, which helps strengthen your bones. Sunlight will also help regulate your pregnancy sleep patterns and helps you to stay alert. Spend some time in the light once you wake and get more doses of the sun during the day.

pregnancy sleep tips
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6. Nap during the day

Napping will help lessen fatigue and help you rest well. If you don’t get adequate sleep at night, napping will help revive your energy levels and make you feel better. However, napping for too long may leave you feeling more fatigued, 20-30 minutes is enough.

Final thoughts on Pregnancy Sleep

Sleep is precious during pregnancy. But, with all the body changes, it can be hard to get adequate sleep – or enough of it. It’s advisable to set a sleep routine, exercise often, bask in the sun once in a while, and use a few pillows to enhance comfort. Moreover, choose the best sleep position, and this will help circumvent body aches and back pains.

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