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Prayers For Baby Eddie!

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I take some time from my traditional posts to post this prayer request…..

Last night my Cousin’s baby was found drowned in his Father’s pool. He will be 2 in Sept and is currently fighting for his life and on life support! This is my cousin’s only son and he is her rock! I can’t imagine and am ready to jump down to where she lives in a heartbeat with any circumstance that may come of this tragedy!

Eddie needs prayers-they are his only hope. The first 72 hours after a drowning are crucial and the family waits for an outcome! Please pray–as loud and as hard as you can! Give him life and strength!

I love him and his Mom so much and my heart is hurting!

6/20 Update: A message from my Uncle: “All the prayers helped so much. Eddie had a good day and night. We guessed through prayer chains upwards of 40,000 people around the country were offering a prayer for him at his critical time. Many of these strangers.  It worked. At the 24th hour of coma, his eyes dilated for the 1st time. This is like a golfer suddenly getting a hole in one in a round already north of 120. He is fighting in there. We can see it.”

Eddie & Mom

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