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Pray For Baby Eddie and a Giveaway!

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I wrote a post yesterday ( ) alerting everyone to the tragic news about my cousin’s baby.

Fightin’ Eddie

I sit here 2 states away and helpless and wanted to think of more ways to get the Prayers coming in. So many of you have prayed and followed with us and these next few days are still so crucial and prayers is all he has!

First, 6/21pm On Wed pm Eddie was found in a pool-drowned. He was rescusitaed at the hospital but given the amount of swelling in his brain and heart, he was under water a while. He is in a coma and is being kept cold to help reduce brain swelling. He is taking a few of his own breaths on the ventilator, but todays EEG shows minmal brain activity and it seems his heart wants to fail. This is so sad and we are in shock! We need a prayer chain and so far prayers are working as he is still with us and fighting!

Second, I want to remind everyone to never think tragedies and accidents can’t happen to you. You leave kids with sitters, you walk away-just for a moment. We all do that and water even an inch deep can be fatal to infants and toddlers as well as teens and adults. If you live near water-teach your baby’s to swim. Even at 1-2 your baby can learn the back float technique and we need to take every precaution as summer comes near! Empty all car wash buckets and pools by turning them over completely to empty. Learn CPR and teach your children the safety rules!

Sweet Eddie

The Giveaway
From 6/21-6/26

Entry: Third-please pray with us and join our Pray For Sweet Eddie Page! Once you do, please come back and leave your information below.

Second Entry: Share the Prayer page and encourage support for us

…What could you win?

I will personally donate a $50 Daddy Scrubs Gift Card I was sent a while back and a $25 Amazon Gift Code or Paypal (Winner’s choice). That is 2 winners!

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Disclosure: Giveaway courtesy of 3sonshavei. I was not compensated for this post.

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Prayers For Baby Eddie!

20 thoughts on “Pray For Baby Eddie and a Giveaway!”

  1. prayers from Jamestown prayers go out to eddie and his family.may god be listening.To all of our prayers.

  2. I am definitely sending prayers for little Eddie! You are so right that it is imperative to NEVER leave young ones alone with water!

  3. I find this quite interesting. THIS SAME PICTURE came across my feed this morning only the child was waiting for an organ transplant. IS this a scam? I hope not.

  4. I dont know how to paste links but Ive started my families prayer chain. I believe in miracles and I pray the lord sends one to your family. Such a beautiful baby.
    P.s. Why would it be a scam….shes asking for prayer not money!

  5. My thoughts,love and prayers are with precious Eddie and his family.My heart just aches for them.God is so good and He will heal eddie's fragile little body,in Jesus' name.Amen 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

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