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Powerhandz Performance Enhanced Sports Gloves

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Powerhandz Sports Gloves

My son’s basketball season is about to begin and he will start his same team for the third year. We have a great coach and request him every year. Now that he has his same coach and these new Powerhandz basketball training game gloves, I can’t wait to see him grow another year in this sport.

sports gloves grip

The glove is anti-grip so that the ball slides off the glove. The weights throughout the glove offer hand strength building. Together this creates excellent ball handling training. In youth players (my son being 3rd grade), they have speed, they have determination but they still lack handling and shooting. Some players are the aggressive type and others, like my son, are less aggressive but great on defense.

These gloves will help him a lot in passing skills while he gains a bit more hand and arm strength at practice.

sports gloves weighted

The video below does a great job showing you the gloves in training….

He was so excited when these came and the first thing I did was show him this video above. Then we went outside to the neighborhood hoop and did some drills.

practice with sports gloves

sports gloves practice

Find Powerhandz and other training products for all sports and ages for your holiday shopping needs.

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