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Power through your day with ON Powered Refreshments

This is a promotional post for ON Beverages

I am an energy beverage consumer! I stay away from the high-sugar, harsh ingredient beverages that are all around and instead seek out the healthier, all-natural energy options. I look at calorie content, ingredient lists and added benefits to the beverage. Then comes the taste. Many taste awful and trying to blend natural, beneficial and good-tasting seems out of reach until I was sent ON Powered Refreshments. In the varieties, I did not find just one good flavor, but I cannot choose a favorite as they are all delicious and so refreshing. 
I am currently drinking the Tropical Citrus as I write this post and many other posts today. When you have a desk job like I do, you need a natural energy and it is so important so you don’t end up with a crash mid-afternoon when you are racing to come to a stop for the day. The boost in brainpower and enhanced focus it provides comes from the amino acid ornithine.
When I take a break to move my body in the middle of the day, I need the stamina to power through house and yard work and be ready to start that focus again when I sit back down at my desk. In other words, I love ON Powered Refreshments because it offers the ingredients and benefits I need to last all day long.
ON Powered Refreshments are only about 30 calories a serving and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. None of the harsh, all of the benefits. On turns on the brain power, focus and stamina with natural caffeine from tea leaf extract and B vitamins.

What is Ornithine?

An amino acid that stimulates the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fat which releases stored energy. Ornithine also reduces ammonia—known to be harmful to the body and brain, causing fatigue, confusion, slower thinking speed and poorer memory.

How would ON power you through your day?

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