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Power of the Heart program: The answers to 2 questions about me #poweroftheheart

This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSpeaks

The Power of the Heart Movie & Book coming October 7, 2014
with the voices of:
Isabel Allende – Maya Angelou – Deepak Chopra – Paulo Coelho – Mark Nepo – Eckhart Tolle

I was sent the pre-release of the book: The Power of the Heart. This is more than a book, it is a program. Our heart is truly the most powerful organ in our body. It is capable of controlling our emotions and is the center of all life running through our bodies. It holds our spirit. When tested , it can break. I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn how important it is for our well-being of ourselves and those around us to nurture your heart. This program is not about nurturing your heart with low-sodium or low-cholesterol foods. Rather it is a program to nurture your heart spiritually. 

The Power of the Heart program will teach you how to overcome obstacles or limitations in your daily life. It teaches you how your heart, as mysterious as it is, can be your source of love and wisdom even over the power of your mind. The heart has many powers-intention, intuition, gratitude and many other qualities. 

Akasha is the ancient word given to describe the link between our inner and outer worlds, the field that extends through all things. It is space itself. Our hearts seem to be related to a connection between our outer and inner selves. To really think of our heart as a muscle that needs to be exercised, you can find the exercises and tips from the books co-creators. These exercises help you stop and re-balance your body, mind and spirit. Your heart is important for your physical, spiritual and emotional health. This book tells you that when the “rhythm of your heart is calm & coherent, your body is in better balance, which in turn improves your health and well-being”.
My favorite co-creator is a true hero for me. I have been a Maya Angelou fan for a long time. Her words have helped me through many paths in life. She is a saint of words and inspiration. Let me share 2 of my favorite quotes from her that are found in this book
“I believe that the heart is the most forceful, impactful element in our lives. I believe that the heart helps us to understand who we are, where we are and how we are.”

“That the heart is knocking on your door saying, “Open the door, here I am, you need me.” Because then you say, “Oh, look at where I am, I’m in hell. I didn’t know that.” But the heart tells you, “Trust me, I will bring you out of that.”
Deepka Chopra is another co-creator and offers many wise thoughts along with the other amazing co-creators in this book. What made Deepka stand out most to me was her exercise she gives to force you to get real and listen to your heart. By having you answer a list of questions without reservations, you begin to realize your heart soon takes over and you face some darkness and light as you answer these questions.  

My thoughts

Far too often, we step outside of ourselves at the wrong times causing a disconnect between our spirits and who we are trying to be. I feel that it is in these times we are vulnerable to acting in a way that is not natural to ourselves-jealousy, greed, hatred, depression. We are our own infinite source of energy and energy can be a positive or a negative. Once an organism or element separates from its natural source of energy it becomes mutated and can even die off. To not focus on the real you, the energy that stays inside you, you risk entering a dark place and can become a dark soul. We all experience sadness, stress and tough obstacles. We cannot control these. The only control we have is in our actions and thoughts. If we have a balance within ourselves because we practice staying connected, we cope and have a healthier view of those stressors We cope better and heal faster. It is nature. 
Our heart is as mysterious as the universe itself, but science says when the thinking mind is still, you see reality as it is. Just like as you wake from a dream, you realize everything in that dream is you. We are simply a part of one universe-one energy. 
I answer 2 of Deepka’s questions

Who am I: I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I have a spiritual side but am not overly sensitive. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence, but do not let that past define me. I expect respect and fairness from others and anyone who offers the opposite is not to waste space in my life. I am not very open with my emotions and where most people speak out, I shut down. I am quiet on the outside, but on the inside my thoughts are loud. I am a giver and wear everyones issues on my own shoulders. I know I should not, but I care about others. I have been in a dark place in life and as I was living as a victim of abuse, I wanted out of this world. I know what it feels like to be bullied, humiliated and hurt. When I find others like that I feel like the words and experiences I have can help. It gives me peace to know that perhaps I and others experience difficulties because we were the strong ones who can cope and learn and be there for others.

What is my life’s purpose: This is the toughest question to answer so I am challenging myself to think this through right now. As I mentioned above about who I am, my purpose has got to be to end my life knowing I was the best of all those I could be. I love saying to our older boys “I am only saying (this) to you now so I can say I told you so and not have regrets for not telling you, somewhere down the road”. I want no regrets. I want to be as strong of a Mom and Wife as I can now because I know I will be rewarded with peace and contentment later on for it. When others want to stand in my way, Mother Bear comes out. I am a survivor of abuse-6 years of physical, emotional and verbal abuse that happened daily. I have 2 options as a survivor- pity or peace. I chose peace. I wrote my story and published it this year. It took 10 years to tell my story out loud, but I went through that trauma, I believe, to help others. To share my story and be a voice for those afraid to speak or are under a control of someone not allowing them to have their original thoughts right now. Love Should Not Hurt: Letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom is my purpose in a book. I am a better person from what I learned during the time in and after my abusive relationship. My purpose is to love, care, help and nurture-to have no regrets.

Will you open up and challenge yourself to the Power of the Heart? 

Disclosure: Tis sponsored post contains my 100% my own opinions. This is sponsored by SheSpeaks.

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