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Popular Back to School Items for Boys

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As a Mom to 3 boys, I had resisted online shopping for a long while. I felt why pay to ship when I can just go out and get it myself? But then I began to feel like that $4 shipping was well worth it instead of packing kids in the car and heading into town where I will likely end up picking things up I really did not need which adds up to more. Because shopping online is more convenient for some items, I have come to find many useful sites that coupon hunt for my so I son’t have to spend that extra online time. Groupon Coupon is one of the sites I head to before checking out to find current coupons at the stores I love!
My youngest is 7 and heading into the second grade. There are several things he needs and much more he wants! From backpacks to clothing, the fads change a bit at this age. They look up to the older kids, but still like to play with superheroes too. Finding products that fit this age can be hard unless they are by your side shopping and that may not always be the case.
If you have a boy this age, you may be familiar with the trend they love wearing-long sport shorts and the knee high, decorative socks. STRIDELINE has socks that have popular themes. We live near Seattle so this is a popular print we see a lot of boys wearing. We get our socks at Sport’s Authority and before I head to their website, I use Groupon Coupons to search the current coupon codes for them.
It was the movie of the year! Jurassic World. My son already claimed his backpack for the year-Jurassic World backpacks are available at target, Toys R Us and other retailers so make sure you start at Groupon Coupons to search for promo codes!
If you or your spouse is into sports at all, this is the age your son can start to pay attention longer spurts and enjoy the game too. We are huge Seahawks and Sounders fans here in Seattle and my son loves sports items from pencils to folders and clocks. Fanatics has many online selections of you child’s favorite teams in office supplies. Groupon Coupons has the latest promotions!
Have your children started collecting their keychains? They love hanging these on their backpacks. My son loves finding his favorite character keychains at the LEGO store. Groupon Coupons will guide you to their current promotions as well to
The hoodies! The boys love their hoodies and the brighter the better! We shop NIKE online or other retailers like Kohl’s and Macy’s for hoodies. Browsing Groupon Coupons first can find you the best deals.
So there is a start. The little boy meets bigger kid at this grade level and the boys take on a huge change in interests and personalities. Have fun brining it out in them!

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