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Polar Gel Pillow Mat & 3 Steps to a COOLER night’s Sleep

This is a promotional post for Polar Gel Pillow

Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Most people suffer from overheating at bedtime. There are many reasons why you can overheat while you sleep or end up with night sweats. I am typically a cold body! I am always cold and you will hardly find me without a blanket nearby and I am hardly ever without socks on even in the winter. But, it is not uncommon to get overheated while I sleep. 

Did you know that bedroom temperature can effect REM sleep? You will disrupt your REM sleep the hotter you are. Do you take warm baths or showers before bed or give those to your kids? It is not the warm water that promotes drowsiness, it is actually the drop in body temperature when you are removed from the warm water that causes the drowsiness.

3 Steps to a COOLER Night’s sleep
  • Clothing: Make sure you wear cooler clothing. You can always grab a light sheet for extra warmth on a cold night. Cotton breathes better than most standard fabrics and layering can trap your body heat and cause the night sweats. Most pajamas are made for sleeping and proper breathable materials and may be better than a pair of sweats and T-shirt.
  • Circulation: Staying sedentary as you sleep requires proper room circulation. Try using a ceiling or floor fan. You don’t have to aim it directly on you, but perhaps angle it in your general direction.
  • Bedding: Remember your seasons as you dress your bed. You may want to limit the blanket thickness in summer.Flannel and satin are not very breathable. You can get fancy with mattresses that have temperature settings or use more convenient products like the Polar Gel Pillow Mat Cool Pillow. You just simple insert it on top of your pillow under your pillow case (or directly under your head if you desire). The Polar Gel pillow will conform to your body and can be refrigerated so you get maximum coolness. It folds for easy storage as well.

The Polar Gel Pillow Mat is available at Amazon and is an Amazon PRIME qualifier. You get the pillow mat, cooling scarf/bandana and a sleep aide ebook.

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