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Pocket Protein for the picky eaters & Buy 6, Give 6 Donation $500 Sweepstakes

This is a promotional post for PocketProtein

Don’t you love a new brand that takes 2 years of hard work to bring your family a product that solves a common problem? Pocket Protein Kidz is a safe and tasty protein drink for kids who you may have a difficult time getting them to eat protein on their own. If you have a picky eater you fear does not consume enough yogurt, cheese or meats, Pocket Protein Kidz has your solution. They come in individual pouches that can fit in a backpack or lunchbox for on-the-go nutrition.
“Mmm. It’s good! Can I have another one?” That is the words my son spoke after trying his fruit punch Pocket Protein Kidz. He is not a picky eater, but there are some days I allow him to buy lunch at school and I have to wonder if he is eating the right stuff those days. I can monitor what he eats the other days I pack a lunch, so sending Pocket Protein Kidz those school lunch days helps assure me he has proper nutrition that day.
Benefits of Pocket Protein and Pocket Protein Kidz

Pocket Protein: for adults, child athletes over 10 and teens have 15 grams(Strawberry) and 20 grams (Berry) of protein. It is sweetened with Sucralose. The protein is a blend of whey protein, hydrolyzed collagen and amino acids. It is sugar, fat, carb, gluten, lactose and stimulant-free and Non-GMO.
Pocket Protein for Kidz: is in crowdfunding and comes in 7 grams of fruit punch flavored protein. Just the right amount of protein for younger children. It has essential vitamins and minerals and adheres to the same FDA regulations as juice and milk. It is sweetened with real apple juice and there are no artificial sweeteners, colors, sodium benzoate and is lactose, gluten, nut and fat-free.
Save, Donate and Win

Save 15% by using the Promo Code: PARENTING at checkout while supplies last!
Donate: Buy 6 packs and Pocket Protein will donate 6 packs to kids in need
Win: Every pre-order enters you into a $500 Via Gift Card giveaway. 
Hurry-this crowdfunding and sweepstakes ends 12/3/14!

Disclaimer: Parenting Healthy was sent samples. All opinions are 100% my own
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