Please Help ASAP-we need a Hotel, Car Rental, Flight for San Francisco in 2 weeks for an urgent medical conference to save Baby Eddie!

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We need your help! 
As many of my readers know, my cousin’s baby was in a drowning accident in June. He is at a Children’s Rehabilitation Center now still recovering from the brain trauma that occured. The entire story of Eddie and his progressions are on his Prayer Page:
What is so urgent?

Tammy (my Cousin and Eddie’s Mama) was a practicing ND when the accident happened and has had to close her practice since so she can be wit Edie full time. Her background in practicing pediatric functional neurology and studying neuroscience for years has been crucial to Eddie’s progression.  Her need is best said by her below:

“The BIGGEST and SOONEST thing I need to raise money for RIGHT NOW, however, is for me to be able to attend “THE 10th WORLD CONGRESS ON BRAIN INJURY”, which is just at the end of THIS month in San Francisco! Last year it was in Scotland. I was invited to attend as a physician, but as Eddie’s mother, I NEED this knowledge for him. It is a 4-day conference with all the leading authorities and updated research and treatments being presented on treating brain injury! It is a medical conference for professionals, meaning it will be all doctor-talk and the nerdy stuff I feed on!  I will be able to meet some of the most significant people in the world of brain injury today from around the globe. I HAVE TO GO AND I NEED YOUR HELP!!! The conference alone costs $1100, I would have to stay at the hotel, as my family is in the East Bay and would take too long to commute, plus I don’t want to miss a minute of it! So the conference, flight and hotel costs would come close to $2500. I need to raise this money within the next TWO WEEKS!! Please I beg you to help get me there!! The information and connections I will gain are absolutely necessary for the healing and recovery of Eddie, as well as to support my work with other families. I just have this intense feeling inside that knows I have to be there, that if I don’t attend, I will miss something that will help my baby. 

Please check out the information for this conference at the website below. Such exciting stuff!!

So I am asking, actually begging, humbly, for donations to help Eddie. Not only to get me to this conference, but get the laser to help his body start moving better, to be able to continue the extra therapies we currently are doing, and to help myself and Eddie’s family with basic life essentials, so I can continue to be there for my son every day. 

The link for Eddie’s donation site is below. It is secure and goes through PayPal. Click it, and you will be directed straight to his fundraising page.

Again, I am already just so grateful and blessed for all of you in my and my son’s lives. I appreciate all the donations already given, and as always, I appreciate your endless current of prayers and faith, support, kindness, and love. Eddie would not be as good as he is today without your support! I truly believe that.

And thank you for any and all donations you can give now to help our boy, and specifically to raise money for myself to attend the above conference to gain the knowledge I need to heal my baby! THANK YOU! You are all amazing and I am blessed! xoxo”

I am asking that if you or anyone you know has airline miles, hotel contacts around the Embarcadro area or car rental contacts, please can you help. Send myself any special requests or visit the link she has provided. This conference will not only be crucial for Eddie, but for all the families Tammy will eventually help with her knowledge as she is working on an online business connecting families of children with brain injuries to resources, and organizing individually tailored programs for these children and their families.

I am at

Thank you!!

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