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Playful family yoga with your children and Mama Yoga

This is a promotional post for Mama Yoga book

Go ahead and grab the kids so you can get some yoga in. You were never going to get those free moments to exercise by yourself anyways. Not only will Mama Yoga and the story of Namaste help engage your children in the benefits of yoga, you’ll get that exercise time in after all. As you read the story, the kids think they are animating a journey as they travel abroad, but really those animations are yoga moves. Once they are engaged, the illustrated yoga examples will help you continue the fun and create your own stories as you are educated the proper way to do these yoga moves with your child.
The author is Susanna Stratford of Seattle. She provides a book of bright illustrations that will encourage your child to appreciate yoga and will get them up and moving in a healthy way for their body and mind. Ages 5-9 is the target age and you can easily guide them to pay attention to their breathing and show them ways to relax their mind. Use it in other situations throughout the day- we all know the dramas that come with being that age, right? (lol). 
This book makes a great parent or teacher gift. In one story, classroom or household will have the kids moving.

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