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Planes: #FireAndRescue & Lessons your child will learn

This is a review for Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

Oh no! Dusty can not race anymore! It is all he knows and it is why everyone knows him and now he may never race again! His dreams are crushed and he has a very important choice to make!
I was fortunate to have access to the prescreen of Planes: Fire & Rescue and we took our 6 year old son to see it and he loved it! Many children’s films have hidden messages, but that is all they are-hidden! I often wonder if my son picks up on these messages as easily as I did or was he just focused on fighting and racing or the characters?!
Planes: Fire & Rescue had 2 messages. One was very prominent and was not missed by my son at all.
Lesson 1: Too much confidence can be a bad thing. We tend to call that ‘cocky’. Dusty learns the hard way that his over-confident personality can cause more harm than good. He must learn to listen to those wiser and older than him. This was played out well in the middle of the film between Dusty and Blade Ranger.
Lesson 2: This lesson was very well done and it was not only mentioned often, but an entire scene went back and portrayed why it is a lesson Dusty needed to learn. Again, Blade Ranger helped Dusty learn why he should never give up. Many times, things happen you cannot control, but you have to move on. Dusty cannot race anymore and he lets that effect his attitude and he needs to learn that he can take his skills and become something great. Things change and you must learn to adapt and find something greater from it. Dusty does that and the rewards for his changed attitude are so awesome for him in the end. Good things come to people who do good.
This is such a great film to go see-the kids will love it and learn and there is plenty of humor for the adults. My husband is more critical than I am on children’s film and he greatly enjoyed this movie.

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