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Pixelkin suggests Video Game Theme Songs Lullaby Music for bedtime

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As a parent, I sometimes look at our boys and wonder what it’s like to be a kid around technology and video games. I was a kid in the Atari and into Nintendo age, but it did not consume homes and topics of discussions the way video games do today. Is it a bad thing that technology is so prominent today? I don’t think so! I would love to have the information at my fingertips going through school that our kids have today. I was not an easy learner and these kids have access to so much information and with this technology there are ways we can even settle issues that occur in all homes. One thing that has never changed is experiencing the difficult task of bedtime with kids! Just as when they act up or boredom sets in, we can hand them a tablet or smart phone and entertain them with familiar games, we can use these video game theme songs to grab their attention just enough to calm them down at bedtime. They hear a familiar song in a bit of an unfamiliar setting and they want to keep listening.
I have a 6 year old who loves video games and he also will not go to bed without music. Pixelkin was brilliant enough to suggest using some popular video game theme songs as lullaby’s. Some video game songs are not gentle enough for bedtime, but there are many that are! If you or your child can use a break from jazz or other lullaby’s you have been playing, intrigue them with the sounds they may have heard in game-mode before. There are many out there and with our technology, downloading songs to play at bedtime is easy to do.
What video game songs work best as lullaby’s?

Pixelkin put together quite a few options of video game theme songs that work great as bedtime music for kids of all ages…adults too! Let’s check a few of them out…..
Song: Baba Yetu
Game: Civilization IV
Composer: Christopher Tin
Game: Final Fantasy VI Balance and Ruin
Composer: Stevo Bortz
Song: Light
Game: Aquaria
Composer: Alec Holokwa
Game: Journey
Composer: Austin Wintory
Find more options to download to your Video Game Lullaby List:
So I got thinking about what video game songs came to my own mind and this is what I came up with from Composer: Nobuo Uematsu called One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy X
If your child likes the newest games, also try Minecraft Theme Music 2 of 3 OST
And we can’t forget the Skylanders fans! This is a tad dramatic in the middle, but still works in the lullaby category I feel. Hans Zimmer is a great composer and I am adding this to my son’s playlist!

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I think if were using computer game music to send my kid to sleep i’d probably use music from Zelda: The Acarina Of Time. The music would be perfect.

If anyone is looking for good sleep music though for babies, this is something I put together a while back, it is a beautiful lullaby, cats & dogs video, enjoy: