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Pitchfix Twister Father’s Day Golfing Gift can be personalized

This is a promotional post for Pitchfix. I was sent product, yet opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature
Pitchfix: Your logo on quality golf tools
Do you have a Golfer in your life? I have a few. My uncle is an avid golfer. My brother is a Chef for 3 Golf Course Restaurants in town here-all owned by Ryan Moore (Pro-Golfer). My brother also lives and works near Chambers Bay where the PGA Tour is coming to next month! My Brother-in-Law (the one who wanted these tools because he loves them and got some photos for me), is in Green School and works at the Pro Shop at a local Golf Course and was a successful Golfer for the College he and my sister graduated from. These boys know golf and golf gadgets and these products that I was sent from Pitchfix were highly respected by my Brother-in-Law. They make excellent gifts for Father’s Day or even a fun summer gift for the entire office or family at your family reunion. So many uses for these come to my mind.
Aren’t the colors great in the hybrid set of Switchblade divot tools? Between the Twister and the Classic or Hybrid Switchblade Tools, the green stays in better shape from ball damage. Any golfer or golf course knows that the biggest threat to a well-played game is a field that is not tendered and kept up when all of those golf clubs and balls go ripping through the turf. These tools are widely used by golfers and make excellent gifts. Also, where you see the Pitchfix logos on white on all of these products is where your logo can go. 

The newest of the products from Pitchfix is the Twister Divot Tool. It comes in these 8 colors above and has retractable metal prongs that makes it safe to golfers and so easy to use. 
“The Twister is truly a game-changing invention that will help improve golfers’ experience and reduce course damage…We already have had great success with it in Europe and Asia and are very pleased to offer it now to the 26 million golfers in the United States.” –Bart Fokke, Vice President of Pitchfix USA and Canada. 

You can see how your logo or print can look on the tool with the above example! Coming from a family of Golfers, these tools are made with some of the best quality I have seen. You can find these in top U.S. Retail Outlets and PGA SuperStores as well as at http://www.pitchfixusa.com/

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