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Pistachio Chew Bites named Top 5 Kid’s Summer Camp Snack Ideas by Spork Foods

This is a promotional post for Pistachio Chewy Bites. Opinions are my own

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Pistachio Chewy Bites: Healthy Summer Snacks
In my kitchen, I like to change up my grocery list different times of the year. This allows my boys to have variety and choices and in the past it was so hard to find healthy snacks they like. I will keep a few average foods they like such as fruit snacks and chip cans, but if I keep healthy snacks that look enticing they have no problem grabbing those. Snacks such as Pistachio Chewy Bites, which are named Top 5 Kid’s Summer Camp Snack Ideas by Spork Foods, give my boys a snack with the sweetness they want and the nutrition I want.
I have discovered a few tricks to getting them to eat healthier such as let them loose on the parameter of a grocery store in the produce aisle and allow them to choose the fruits and vegetables they want. When they choose, it is more enticing then if I came home from the store and shove some in the crisper. Another trick is if I keep fruit in the fridge or in the bags on the counter they do not get eaten. If I grab a colander and wash the fruit and leave it on the center of the table, they will walk buy, grabbing a fruit or handfuls throughout the day. This means they are snacking on the healthy foods and stay just full enough they are not asking for the other foods in the cupboard. Now I can keep Pistachio snacks in a bowl on the table and other healthy choices this summer. They love the taste and for Mom, I snack on the Dark Chocolate covered Pistachios! So grab a few and toss them in the camp bag or throw them in a bowl! Those kids are hungry!

Kid’s Summer Camp Snack Ideas- by Heather and Jenny- Sisters and Owners of Spork Foods
1)    Pistachio Chewy Bites – This completely nutritious snack is made of protein packed pistachios, delicious dried cranberries, and agave nectar. This unique flavor combination is the perfect snack for kids any time of day. The convenient, individually wrapped bites are easy to toss into your childs snack stash and send them off! Steal one for yourself and eat it on the way to work while youre at it!
2)    Fruit Leathers – Fruit leathers have come a long way since we were kids. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, yet disguised in a fun-to-eat snack! Stretch Island Fruit is our favorite! The grab-and-go aspect is always great too, just in case your little onegets hungry on the bus. We guarantee this snack won’t be traded come the lunch hour!
3)    Popcorn- Corn has more nutrition in it than one might think! It’s actually incredibly high in antioxidants and is fun to eat, a win-win for parents and kids. Earth Balance makes a new, non-dairy aged white cheddar popcorn that’s non-GMO and very tasty. There is a reason corn has been a food staple for thousands of years…it’s healthy and delicious!
4)    A Good Old Fashion Banana- Let’s face it, this fruit is the original to-go snack. A bananas thick skin acts as natural tupperware, it’s loaded with low glycemic carbs, and will give your kids the energy they need to run around all day. If endurance athletes can lean on bananas for nutrition, surely we can too.
5)    Kale Chips- Kids like kale these days (lucky for us). What an incredible alternative to potato chips and other fried foods! Kale Chips are absolutely jam-packed with vitamin K which builds bone mass in the body. This treat will provide the crunch they love and the nutrients you love for our developing kids to eat!  One of our favorite companies is Just Pure Foods, because all of the products are organic, made with love and taste amazing.
-Tips from Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg of Spork Foods.

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