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Pictureta Christmas Around the World Map for Kids #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide: Pictureta’s Christmas Around the World Map

Pituret-Childrens-Map-Posters | Parenting Healthy

When you shop for room decor for baby and toddler you find plenty of fun toy boxes, stuffed animals, room rugs and plenty of toys to keep them engaged. Rarely, do you find wall art with a purpose. By purpose, I am not referring to their name or favorite character but wall art that is educational. In those awake moments in their room from play time to before they fall asleep and after they wake, up they are eyeballing all the things they cannot reach. Perhaps engaging wall art can add fun decor and give them some visual learning.

Pictureta-Christmas-Santas | Parenting Healthy

Pictureta children maps was founded by a Mom who was looking for such room art. Not only is the art visually appealing, but they are modern and educational. My son is 8 and was still very intrigued by the Christmas Around the World edition of world map for kids. He really studied the details and proudly wanted it hung for the Holidays.

pictureta-africa | Parenting Healthy

pictureta-antartica | Parenting Healthy

pictureta-asia Parenting Healthy

pictureta-australia | Parenting Healthy

Christmas Around the World maps takes baby and child on a holiday journey around the world. The continents are displayed with territory animals and the Santas that the countries celebrate. We have the US Santa and his reindeer, Father Christmas from England, Papai Noel from Brazil and more. My son really did not have the concept of different Santas around the world then when he saw them in their lands in one map. This map is so much fun from ages 1-100 to display during the Holidays.

pictureta-europe Parenting Healthy

pictureta-north-america Parenting Healthy

pitureta-south-america | Parenting Healthy

Pictureta has world maps with personalizations and some that are bilingual. Any family can find the map that fits their family. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Heidi Bee

This is so cool, it would be such a fun educational resource.

Gladys Parker

That is cool and educational. My grand children would get alot from something like this. I am sure they have never given thought to Christmas being anything other than what it is here in the U.S.


This is really cute. Will have to get this for my son. Thanks for the amazing article.

Linda Kinsman

Such a cute way to help younger kids learn about our world.

CJ Across the Avenue

Very cool idea for the holidays! I love finding things that add an educational component for kids. Thanks for sharing!


This is an interesting idea for wall decorating during the holidays–maybe it will give kids a clue that not everything is as it is here!!