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Pickles The Dog: Adopted. Bringing Home a Shelter Dog

Pickles The Dog: Adopted book

Pickles the Dog: Adopted

by: Kat Socks (June 2019)

Pickles The Dog book is loosely based on the life of a real dog named Pickles.  She was a dog rescued during a flood.  She had been adopted and returned to a shelter several times and things were not looking so well for her.  A family member decided to adopted Pickles and helped her learn and adjust to a new home.

If you have ever adopted a dog from a shelter, you never forget that amazing feeling of the moment you become an owner to the unsuspecting pup. Then comes the introductions for family and other pets and transitioning the dog to their new home. The joys of bringing home a shelter dog typically outweigh the trials and then you have a story…like Pickles family has and is sharing with everyone in this new release book.

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My own pup is a shelter dog who was an owner surrender and subsequently adopted and returned THREE times before I found him and made him my forever baby. One of the people who returned him did so because she found him to be too energetic, which underscores the need for people to understand the breed of dog they are adopting BEFORE they bring them home. My pup is a terrier, even as seniors they’re not exactly basset hounds.