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Pick-Ease as a solution for picky eaters

This is a promotional post for Pick-Ease

I believe every household has one-a picky eater! If you try to tell a picky eater, who also happens to be a stubborn child all the reasons they should eat their food, they will fight back. They do not give in! In our home, we have a 2-bite rule and I serve one meal to the entire family. If they don’t eat it, they just may be hungry later on and their plate will still be there for them to take bites before any dessert is served. I have a son who hates broccoli-always has! He is 6 and a few weeks ago we served broccoli with dinner and I am chatting away with my husband when he interrupts to ask if he can be done-the broccoli was gone! I asked if he ate that and he said “Yes. It actually is good. I like it now”. That’s how I have a son who will usually eat anything! But, I know many including our oldest who is now an adult and nephews who just don’t take to many foods. Pick-Ease is a solution!
When you arm a child with their own tools their own decisions and repeating foods despite them feeling they dislike them as I did with broccoli and other such foods for my son, they will try them on their terms. Some may take longer than others to take that new bite, but it is amazing how when you change the game, they can easily fall for the tricks we use. We have all tried this and many times we succeed. A Pick-Ease is a change from a silver fork or that spoon they’ve been using for a while. Now it’s a tool or like my nephews would use as-a food sword! Now that broccoli needs to be destroyed. Stab it-eat it! Mom wins! Simplicity can sometimes be the best solution!
More about Pick-Ease
  • BPA Free
  • Created by a Mom with  picky eaters
  • FDA approved
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in the USA
You can buy your Pick-Ease and pray for success for under $10. They make great stocking stuffers. Have them take them to Christmas dinner and make it a fun game to see all the new foods they pick and eat with their new utensil!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. Any opinions are 100% my own

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