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Piano Lessons at home with Hoffman Academy

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Free Piano Lessons
This is pretty exciting news for parents! As a child and even now as an adult, I never took music lessons of any kind. I was in choir, but have never played an instrument. I think if I were to start I’d love to learn the guitar. My older (step)boys never took music lessons and my son who is 7 has been asking to play piano. Because music lessons have not been a tradition in this family we do not own a piano and without knowing if he will stick with it I can’t see purchasing one and finding the space for it as well. This was a tough dilemma. I want him to learn, but we don’t have a piano so if I were to take him to lessons he would have no way to practice. He is now taking piano lessons at home with Hoffman Academy.

The Hoffman Academy is a full piano lesson design with video lessons and supplemental mp3 tracks, and downloadable activities to review with after each lesson. 

How much does it cost?

Free: The online video lessons are free. There are 6 units total and each unit has 20 lessons. That is a total of 120 lessons for a long-term piano education. 
$19 for the the supplemental materials. You only play for the downloadable music lesson documents and mp3 download files at only $19 for each unit. So that fee covers 20 full lessons in that unit you purchase for. That is less than $1 per lesson! If you purchase all 6 lessons supplemental activities there is a good discount for you so that is your best option.
What will you learn? 
These lessons are so well done and simple for any age to follow along. In Lesson One of Unit One we were taught correct play technique such as hand position and they will touch on posture as well in the ongoing lessons. We learned how to read a few simple notes and what a staff was. We even learned how to play our first song! And that leaves 119 Lessons to go of so much more learning! As you move through the entire coarse you will also learn how to read and write notes, rhythms and how to listen to music and dictate melodies. You will even learn how to improvise and compose your own songs. From Lesson 1 in Unit 1 you will be well on your way to learn and improve basics of music theory, including key signatures, chords and much more!

Who is the Instructor?

Joseph Hoffman has one of the best history profiles in music I have come across and because he has such a long repertoire, let me just leave you a link so you can read for yourself about his music experience. Can you imagine the cost of private lessons with an Instructor of his experience? Oh, wait, they are free on video for us! Amazing! You can really feel his experience in the way he teaches. Head now and read for yourself  About Mr. Hoffman. He is truly passionate about music with this idea of breaking the financial barrier so families can learn music.

My son is so excited with each new lesson and having supplemental materials really helps make that last connection to all he learned in each lesson. We watch the video lessons in the day and review the extras at bedtime together. We started by using an iPad app of a piano because we don’t own a piano. If you own a piano simply place your device above the keys so the video lessons are played right there! We are now on a search for a key board so he really gets the play practice and experience. 

Start today-even if you don’t own a piano at
They do want to add even more, so head to their Kickstarter page and see some fun specials comin in the 2.0 version:

Unit One Piano Lesson Materials Giveaway
The Giveaway:
1 lucky reader will win the Unit 1 lessons-this includes the downloadable materials and mp3 music files for Lessons 1-20. Open Worldwide and ends on 3/8/2016. Good luck!

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