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Pet Socking Gift From The Pet Factory

I have partnered with The Pet Factory for this #HolidayGiftGuide feature and received product

Pet Stocking Gift From The Pet Factory

Pet Socking Gift From The Pet Factory 

We are new puppy owners this year. We got Maya at the end of summer and this puppy has been such a great dog. She is a new addition to my gift list for fun holiday pet stocking gift from The Pet Factory. She does her typical biting, chewing and an occasional inside potty accident but she is so calm, sweet and been so easy to train. As the Holidays near it will be new to her and we have a large and loud family. For 2 days she won’t know what to do with herself with tons of food, people and gifts everywhere. Making sure she is occupied will be the trick and the Pet Factory has pet stocking that are pre-filled and ready to entertain the dog.

Do you give your pets holiday gifts? 

I like to put a little something out for her over the Holidays but with as busy as it gets I like the fact that these filled stockings are ready to go. I can grab one in my pet store run and save it until she needs the fun and gift that the kids can enjoy opening with her. We have a little sample of the Pet Factory Dog Stocking and Maya instinctively knew this box was for her. She was sniffing and chewing and anticipating Anthony opening up her gift.

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What’s inside the Pet Stocking Gift From The Pet Factory?

The stocking is filled with colorful raw-hide bones and holiday shaped treats. She loves the rawhides and after a few days of her chewing them she has had no chocking, blistering pieces so I feel safe letting her have at these hides. From holiday treats, toys and apparel you can spot many fun holiday gift ideas. Find them at pet stores and retailers like Walmart and near you. If you are online shopping this year you can also find Pet Factory gifts at Amazon.

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