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Pet Odor Eliminators and Bad Breath Neutralizer from Oxyfresh

When we adopted Maya when we bought our new home we brought home a new family member that did not shed. Not only is that healthy for our son’s allergies but also for keeping the new home clean. A dog that doesn’t shed does not mean a dog that does not leave odors.

Through puppy training we had urine on carpets, horrible breath after finding things in the yard to chew on and mud on the floors. Then we got a second dog and Leah added to the love in our home and the odors! I needed more odor control and I also worried about ingredients in standard cleaners. So, we now have Oxyfresh products and pet odor eliminatorsbecause we care about the products we use in our home around our son and the dogs.

Oxyfresh has dental, bath and home options for pets and people. In 1984 they created Oxygene®, an exclusive gentle, non-toxic, pharmaceutical-grade ingredient that neutralizes odor-causing germs and bacteria at their source through a powerful oxidation process.

With Oxyfresh products you get tested, safe and quality ingredients so that odors are neutralized quickly and you can move on to the next chore.

I add a few capfuls of the Oxyfresh Water Additive to our dog’s water jug and it really helps with bad breath.

Leah, the younger pup would get terrible breath and my husband noticed her breath seems a lot better lately. He was right and that’s when I told him I have been using this Oxyfresh product. It was great to realize the difference was noticeable by someone other than just myself.

Having products that actually work and that have safe ingredients make our chore of house cleaning and odor control so much more bearable.

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