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Pest Sentry Electronic Bug Zapper will take care of those summer insects for you

This is a promotional post for Pest Sentry. Opinions are my own

Summer Guide Feature
With those nice, long summer days and sprinklers running, comes the insects. It has been hot here in Washington State and more than usual for this time of year. Last weekend we were being bit by mosquitos as we were doing yard work and washing our cars. Then I remembered the Pest Sentry Electronic Bug Zapper I was sent and plugged it in. I had it packed as I plan to keep this in our Toy Hauler while we camp this summer to catch the insects as they try for our trailer door. This is a going to work great this summer I realized after turning it on last weekend.

  • 2 x high quality UV bulbs (20W) emit light from ALL 4 SIDES.
  • Attracts more mosquitos, flies, moths & biting insects
  • Eliminates insects instantly by the charged, 2000W grid
  • Extra long power cable, double standard size
  • CE, RoHS & GS Safety Certified
  • Safe around kids, pets protective with its corrosion proof outer enclosure
  • Removable, washable tray & cleaning brush to eliminate the insects easily
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The extra long cord is really great so I don’t have to drag in an extension cord. I also love that it is double caged so I don’t have to worry too much about my son getting too close.

This is a new product and you will want to be one of the first to show off your bug zapping skills to those insects that come by and think they are invited in to stay! 

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