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Personalized gifts from Collage.com #HolidayGiftGuide

I was given the opportunity to make my own creation from site for feature

Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Collage.com

 Collage.com HOliday

Throughout the years I have gifted many personalized photo and creation gifts to the kids, our parents and friends. When I need an idea besides boring gift cards, fruit baskets or socks and shirts I appreciate the ability to create a more personalized gift.

Last year I gifted my Mom a Grandsons blanket from Collage.com. I also gifted our oldest son a large canvas of his dog that he loves. See them here! They were 2 of the best gifts I gave all season last year as they brought the most joy out of the both of them.


This year I decided to do something unique and gather our 8 year old son’s favorite thing right now and use images instead of photos to create our own blanket unlike anything I could possibly find in retail. He is a fanatic and has 2 favorite characters so I put them on a blanket and this was the final project. I cannot wait until Christmas morning. Can you imagine him walking out to his gifts hidden under this blanket draped over them. That’s what his Christmas morning will look like this year.


I put my creation on the Collage.com sherpa blanket. This is a large 50×60 size. There is still one more size above this one that is more of like a bed cover size. So you can go real big if you desire for their room. Creating these are so easy! It is step-by-step and their site will tell you if a photo is not a high enough resolution or needs resizing. You can preview with any warnings you may want to change or approve on quality. It even showed me an image of a bed and compared my size blanket so I can judge it’s actual size.


Of course, you are not limited to blankets at Collage.com. You can create ornaments, calendars, cards, canvas prints, the new indoor/outdoor pillows and more. You will find a gift for everyone.


You can use coupon code PARENTINGHEALTHY for 60% off of regularly priced products, and is valid until 12/1/2016


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Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Gladys Parker

What a wonderful idea! I never even gave this a thought. Last year I gifted my oldest a collage.com blanket with his therapy partner, his beloved Cockatiel, Dunnie that had passed the year before, on it. That blanket means so much to him. This year for my birthday, November 13th, my daughter gifted me a beautiful collage.com blanket with my 5 grand children on it.


There really is nothing quite like receiving a personalized gift, whether you are on the giving side or the receiving side. I bet my Mom would love a blanket with the pictures of her grandchildren and great grand child on it!