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Personal fitness monitoring is easy with SURPAHS Multifunction scale

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This is a sponsored review for Surpahs

Monitoring your fitness levels and accomplishments typically means using several methods, a little math and a chart of some sort. Fitness is not about losing pounds, it really isn’t about just one set of numbers. It is about a total body health. To say you have been working out and are down 5 pounds really does not tell a story. To say you are 37 years old, female, weigh 140 to start and your weight is down 5 pounds and water weight is lower tells a story. It is an accurate and true loss of weight. I am happy to tell you that the calculations to find these true weight numbers doe snot mean you have to revisit algebra again! The SURPAHS Multifunction 8-user Scale takes care of that for you.
Functions of the SURPAHS Multifunction Scale
  • 5 Key fitness indicators that is based on your profile you set up & it remembers you every time
  • Measures body, fat, water, muscle, bone and weight
  • Uses bio-electrical impedance analysis to calculate measurements
  • You put in data and get true calculations that are uniquely YOUR numbers
  • Profile set up holds your age, gender, height, activity level and weight
  • Instantly recognizes each of (up to 8) users by stepping on the scale
  • LED display
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
I love the design of how thin and sleek this scale is. I have a small bathroom and a section to fit a scale, but it’s tight. The SURPAHS scale slides in perfectly. It is an instant read when you step on.

Make sure the hard work you put into your routines gives you the numbers true to you. This is not a on-size fits all calculation. This is your weight loss-your success! Let SURPAHS take care of the math while you are taking care of your body. 

To het your SURPAHS Multifinction 8-User Scale, 

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