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Perfect your photo images with Adobe Creative Cloud plans

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As a Blogger, half of my job is photography. I have no photography degree and have learned a lot in blogging courses about how crucial a quality image is to the success of a post. When you write for a blog or online source, the image is the first thing that will catch a readers eye. First impressions mean everything in any kind of business. Just think about visiting a new medical clinic or walking into your child’s classroom-you tend to make judgements right away that affect you positively or negatively at first glance. The difference in a quality photo for an article means the reader will stay to read as opposed to skipping over the post. I have used some free online editing and now I can take my photos to a whole new level with the Photoshop CC and Lightroom Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. 
I consider myself a beginner photographer because I have a comfort zone in editing and it is not too skilled. I try my best with finding good light and play with borders if needed, but typically I take close ups and edit clarity and make the image large to get what I need. I know about Photoshop but have never purchased it because it intimidated me. Now that I have this chance to play around with it and use the Lightroom I wish I had not waited! There are so many video tutorials on any type of editing questions you have. Not only can you access them in Adobe, but you are periodically emailed some as Adobe likes to check in with you and make sure you are OK at set up. You can also access these in help mode at any time right from the editing screen. 
I was in my local Best Buy getting some video game characters for my son and for a post. I took this shot of the aisle we were in and wanted to use it for my hero shot on that post. I took this with my cell phone and knew that I may be out of luck when I get home because of the grain and lack of clarity. I chose this to be my very first Lightroom and Photoshop image to test this new photo editing program. 
I uploaded the image to Lightroom where I fixed the color. I had the actual packaging at home from the product I shot. I was able to get the yellow to contrast with the orange and sharpen it a bit. The blue became more realistic to the hues on the actual package. It surely went from dull to crisp and then I finalized it with a watermark I have saved and auto-installed into every photo I will edit in Lightroom. But it needed a title and so I took this edited image and opened it in Photoshop.

OK! I know it is not the fanciest hero text ever, but if I really wanted to I could take that text and easily curve it up, down or even have it 3-D. I can choose from many fonts, angle it and change colors. Look at the top right corner? In the prior images you can see product on their high rise. I cropped it as far as I could so not to cut off the packaging I wanted and blended the rest with the brush effect into the background. Small detail, but now that I pointed it out, it makes a difference, right?
BestBuy.com Image
Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is a 1-year subscription that includes Photoshop Creative Cloud and Lightroom Creative Cloud. Both also become downloadable onto your device so you can work and share from anywhere. All images can be shared and stored for more future editing.
I spent almost 2 days watching videos just on set up and editing as well as a few about effects. I know there is still so much more I will learn and I couldn’t pay for a quality photo class and buy the right equipment for as low as the cost of this Adobe Creative Cloud plan. I know I could spend a fortune on classes and special lenses or I can pay $119.99 for an entire year of both Photoshop CC and Lightroom and use my regular ole’ camera and edit what I need to. Once you edit a few photos it begins to become a memorized task and takes no time at all to make some simple edits.
Get started today and “Take your best shot and make it even better with the Adobe Creative Cloud Plan” at this Blogger Project – Adobe Creative Cloud
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