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PawPack subscription mail for Dogs

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PawPack subscription boxes for dogs
The best timing ever was when I received our PawPack during the week we were pet sitting our oldest son’s dog, Cam. I had no idea how much dog’s like mail too. My 7 year son old gets excited when he sees a box meant for him, but when I opened the PawPack and invited Cam to go through it I about got knocked over as he must of smelled the contents and took over going through the contents. The box for October had fun Halloween toys, a cute bandana and healthy treats. Everything a Dog could hope for delivered to the porch.
The Treats

This box had 2 full size bags of treats with ingredients I love for Cam.  The pumpkin flavored WholeLife Living Treats were the perfect freeze dried treat and he loves them! These are made in the USA and provides live active cultures in a blend of greek yogurt, pumpkin, raw apples, ground flax seed and carrots. Because they are freeze dried and offer crisp snack there is no loss of nutrients in the process. 
The Look Who’s Happy Tempt’n Tenders were a hit as well. This is a chicken with pumpkin crust recipe that is slow cooked in soft jerky shaped treats. They are grain & gluten free with no by-products, hormones or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. He can actually be a picky dog and both of these were highly enjoyed by him. 
The Bandana

Because it’s fall, this fun Halloween bandana from Latham & Co. is adorable! Full of vibrant colors and fun designs.
The Toys

There were 2 toys just right for him in the box. The biggest hit was the ZippyPaws Burrows puzzle toy. It was a plush gravestone with 3 candy corn plush bats he had to fish out of the grave. I would stuff them in and we would work feverishly, running around trying to pull them back out. The moment I tore off the tag and handed it to him it was although he understood there was something inside he needed to pull out. The best part is that the bats squeak so he is rewarded in the end after he can get them out of the gravestone.
Our new fetch toys is an adorable Frankenstein with rope arms from CharmingPet Spooky Slideez. The Frankenmonster has been attacked quite a bit by Cam and he loves him. 
Because I am all about the value in these subscription boxes, I did the math. Cam qualifies as a Medium dog and all of the toys were just right for him. If you pay month by month you get a box at $39.99, but the more months you commit to up front you save more on each box. With a 1 year commitment you only pay $29.99 a box and that is a great deal! I added the retail of every product in this box and I would have paid about $44. So you are not losing money month to month, but you are getting a great deal with packages up to 1 year. But, many times you will find promo codes on their website and even on Facebook so make sure you keep following to keep them in mind for the holidays and take advantage of the promos because then you know you are saving big!
If you have a family or friend that loves their do as much as our son does, this is such a great gift to give that keeps on coming all year long!
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