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The Patchwork Bear Memory and Keepsake Bear

A sample bear was sent to us for feature we created

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I have 2 older stepsons and together we also have a son turning 9 next month. We have totes and bags full of memory and keepsake items. We have artwork, clothing, nursery decor and announcements we have saved. For years they sit packed up until the age where they enjoy looking through their own pasts.

Bear note

Eventually they will create families of their own and I will deliver their totes to them to keep at their place and share with their family. Before I do that, perhaps gathering some materials for The Patchwork Bear Memory and Keepsake Bear  would make the best touch.

Patchwork Bear MailBear Tag

How would a child, old or young react to such a memory? I made one for my 9 year old and it is a hit. He helped me gather pieces and mail them in. Then would ask every few days if his bear is here yet. When it came I called for him to open the box because his bear was here and he dropped everything and ran into the kitchen and tore the shipping box open. It has hardly left his side since.

The Patchwork Bear Memory and Keepsake Bear

Now I think of so many occasions this would be fun to gift. It would be fun to make our middle son one and have it sent in a college care package as he is away at school. The oldest is beginning to settle down so if he has children in the next several years, what a special teddy for his child if I gather his old first shirts and materials.

Personalize keepsake

I think of my Mom-gathering stuff form each grandkid and making her a tote or blanket. Even a memory puppy for my husband’s shelf in his office from all 3 boys memories. The gift ideas are almost endless with the gifts made from your upcycled memories.

keepsake gift

Anthony tells you more about his Patchwork Bear in his video below. Take a look and leave him a comment. Visit The Patchwork Bear website for more information.

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