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Parenting: Your child can have a live chat with Santa from any device!

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Have you battled the line yet so your child can talk to Santa? I have not. Then you are hounded for photos that cost a fortune! My son is 5 and is very into Santa. He wants to make sure Santa knows his list and the Elf on our Shelf is watching him and my son respects our Elf! Combine his love of Santa with his love on my iPhone and our iPad and for him to talk to Santa-LIVE-from the iPad would make him feel like the coolest kid ever!
Not only do you get to witness an adorable conversation between the 2 of them, it is saved to share on your social media with family & friends! How fun would it be to see your nieces or nephews or share with a parent out of town, the child’s conversation with Santa! You can’t capture a conversation in a loud, busy Mall-they are on his lap, away from you and recording their words is impossible!
How can your child talk to Santa?
  • Visit to download the App free from iTunes or just use your webcam
  • Talk instantly or schedule a phone call from Santa at any date/time
  • It is regular $19.99 for the call that includes the recording and share features
  • Enter code JOLLY to get $5 off your first call.
  • Share the conversation with family & friends
Perhaps this is just what you need to keep the kids in line. Santa tells them he is watching and I think they will take him very seriously! Worth every penny!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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2 thoughts on “Parenting: Your child can have a live chat with Santa from any device!”

  1. This would be great if my kids were still young enough to believe it. My son told us last year he didn't really believe in Santa, so I think he continues to because of me :).

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