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Parenting Thursdays: Keep the kids learning during Christmas break

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The kids will be out of school for a few weeks and right in the middle of finalizing the holidays! Ughhh! Being away from school a few weeks can also be a burden on their own internal clocks as they transition out of then back into school routines. Here are some tips to help you keep you and your kids sane and on a bit of a schedule so they continue learning but can have fun with it at the same time!

Advent Calendar
One of the best ways to teach days and time relativity is to have an advent calendar. You can get real creative and make one yourselves. A countdown can be in any form from a Chore-a-day to earn Christmas money counting down to Christmas to a jar of good deed ideas they pick daily leading down to Christmas. They can be kept busy fulfilling their daily task.
I never stray form bedtimes unless you cannot help it for special events that have you away from home. I never change the nightly reading, bath ritual we do so they stay on their internal bedtime clock as best as possible. Keep the mornings the same and at the time they wold normally leave for school, shut TV off and start a project or put them online for some learning time while you get yourself going for the day.
Pull out the Arts & Crafts bin
Before break, pull out that Arts & Crafts bin and take inventory. Have 3 kids-make sure you have 3 scissors and 3 glue sticks with names labeled to avoid fighting over who uses what in what color, etc… At the time of day they get restless or you need some quiet, turn off electronics and set up a craft spot. 
Here is a little trick…if you say “Go do some art, kids”, you may get groans because that is a tall order if they don’t know where to start. If they see you putting effort out of the norm and laying out a sheet in a special spot (an easy to clean floor is the best) and pulling out the bin they are not used to having available to them and set up individual spots for them laying out their glues and scissors and markers with a bin in the middle of fun trinkets to cut outs-they will get curious and you have guided them to start cutting, glueing and coloring away. You will get much time for yourself out of it! Have a slightly different approach each new day so they are not bored-tell them their creations will be used as Christmas decor around the house and they get to choose the spot to display it once their messes are cleaned up!
They are only out for about 10 school days so it is not worth disrupting routines for this break. Stick to the norm as best as possible and guide them to stay creative and use their minds for a peaceful and more content child! If they are in school most of the day-they are used to structure anyhow!
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10 thoughts on “Parenting Thursdays: Keep the kids learning during Christmas break”

  1. We love our advent calendar and have so much fun with it! I've already got tons of worksheets printed up for my oldest, she's already complaining about school being closed so I knew I needed to be prepared for the break!

  2. Mine too! Perhaps visit the library and tell them you'll read those books they choose only at bedtime. Not sure your kids age but works with my 5 year d. He'll ask to go to bed to get to his book he picked out

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