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Parenting Thursday: Pre-holiday room transformations with Wholesale Party Supplies

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The holidays are nearing and your kids are about to add more clutter to their rooms! Do you purge old toys before holidays and Birthdays? I do! I just did this at the start of the school year and then again this week where I still had 2 full garbage bags worth of junk for the garbage that already accumulated! The best time to declutter is before the holidays! Why? Because you can justify it with your kids! If you have a child like mine who panics at the sight of garbage bags in his room, timing is everything. I get to say that the only way I allow new gifts is if he gets rid of old stuff. He gets a box of his own and he has to find 3 toys (usually 5 but this time it had only been short time since I last purged) and he has to put them in the box to donate away. Then we discuss what is on his Birthday or Christmas wish list and plan ahead. “So, if Santa brings you all the Legos you want, we need a Lego area in your room”. We get through it flawlessly and I now have my list of bins and items I need that are at great prices this time of year to help me be organized in that room as soon as gifts arrive.

So where does Wholesale Party Supplies come in? Bribes! I knew I would purge his room and I always have a surprise waiting for his room. I tell my son (who is 5) that if he does a good job helping me get rid of stuff he really doesn’t need and to thank him for donating toys to other kids, he gets a surprise for his room when we are done! Usually it is a fun lego bin I scooped up on clearance somewhere or a decal for his window. So when I was asked to pick an item from Wholesale Party Supplies, I discovered so many inexpensive inspirations! What my son does not know is that he is getting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedding and pillows he wants from Grandma on Christmas so I chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Raphael Wall decal. This will end up fitting into the theme of his room, but right now-to him- it is the coolest addition in there!

About Wholesale Party Supplies Wall Decals
  • A fun canvas for the walls for parties or to spruce up a room
  • Murals, stickers and themed canvas varieties are available
  • Doorway and entry hangings available in this section as well
  • Prices range from only 0.69 cents to about $27.99
Remember Wholesale Party Supplies for your child’s room purging inspiration and a new fun look!
To see more of all there is to offer, visit
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3 thoughts on “Parenting Thursday: Pre-holiday room transformations with Wholesale Party Supplies”

  1. My little one's birthday just passed, and we werent able to do anything more than cake and a dinner for her. But next year I decided I'm going all out 🙂 Their decals look great.

    Sarah @ Living As We

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