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Parenting Thursday: Kids Academy brings lessons to your device

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Kids Academy has several Apps on iTunes and Amazon aimed at educating your children and aiding them with practices such as writing letters and numbers, ABC practice and more! The best part is you can download a free version to see how it interests your child then purchase it when you find the App they like. I have done this with several Apps from Kids Academy. The free version only lets you practice parts of the App and is very limited. Once you purchase the actual App it displays as play mode. There is a tiny spot on the upper corner of the App that you press and hold 3 seconds to enter parent mode. In parent mode you can view your child’s progress and set up profiles for your child with photos from your gallery to make it that much more engaging. You can control the sounds and choose between female and male voices.

The most recent purchase of ours is ABC Alphabet Tracing. My son can choose between upper case and lower case practice. What I like about the app is that it mimics tools they use in his Kindergarten with letters that have arrows and stop points so my son knows the direction and proper way to write the letter. I also love the choice between upper and lower case practice. He knows all the upper case letters and recognizes lower case, but has a problem with some lower case letters he writes. It also is accurate in that your child needs to trace exactly which promotes good grammar and handwriting. Each level (letter) gives him 1-3 starts to promote practice. My son gets determined to get 3 starts so he practices over and over again!

See my son’s profile for a look inside the App
ABC Alphabet Tracing: Profile page

Choose a letter to practice

Parent Mode-Check in on your child’s progress

To learn more, visit this App on iTunes-

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I actually use this App in my home. Al opinions are 100% my own.

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6 thoughts on “Parenting Thursday: Kids Academy brings lessons to your device”

  1. They really do have some excellent apps! I love that they are educational apps too, not just games. This one would be perfect for my niece! It's great that they let you try the app before you buy it, too!

  2. My son loves using apps to learn. We got him a cheap tablet for Christmas as he just turned 6 and I don't quite trust him with a nice one! But it does the job and he's learning so many new words and reading pretty well!

  3. I like to download apps before a long trip (especially by air) to keep my toddler happy! I definitely prefer educational apps over pure entertainment. I'll have to check Kids Academy out.

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