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Parenting Thursday & Giveaway: FunBites can help you feed your picky eater!

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My son and his triangle FunBites

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Of my 3 boys our oldest is the pickiest, but he is grown and he has a GF now to put up with his finicky ways! I’d have to make sandwiches for school for him with no sauce and he is still like that today! Try shoving a ham and cheese sandwich into a ziplock with no mayo or mustard and not have the insides slip out between the bread in the process! Our teen is OK and is more of a texture picky eater. He does not dislike things for taste, but if the texture is off he won’t eat it again. My youngest eats anything-spicy, vegies-you name it! He loves helping in the kitchen and when the fun bites arrived he was excited and asked if he could use it on cheese. My son is part mouse as cheese is its own food group to him!

If you have a picky eater, you know how valuable it is to get them helping out with the food prep process! If they help out and feel proud, they are more willing to try their own meal. Perhaps by boy #3 I had learned this and always let my youngest do his own serving and prep to his abilities. He never asks for food in general. He will grab cereal and a bowl and milk and make his own from a toddler except for full milk cartons too heavy for him that he would ask. I have always let him just prep his own food. Not eat when he wants-just be involved! FunBites was so easy to use as my 5 year old had no problems cutting the cheese (that was not a pun-haha). He loved the triangle shapes and I love the fun design for having company over because you know I will get asked questions when I serve triangle cheese and vegies next gathering!

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The Giveaway
One lucky reader will win a FunBites of their choice!
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