Parenting Healthy Media Calendar for 2017

2017 Media Calendar


This year I want to make the posts on Parenting Healthy less scattered with more tips and original content for the better of my readers and the brands I love. I created a monthly calendar that organizes the topics I will cover in 2017. I chose topics that I have learned are the most popular with my readers.

I made this calendar with brands in mind. I work for you and at the benefit of my readers. With careful thought into the best months and timing of topics I will be diligent in sticking to my calendar. If you have a product you would love featured and it best fits the end of 2017, send it now or wait. If you send it ahead of time it benefits me for planning so I will do an initial shout out as it arrives on my social media alerting my readers as to when they can find the review on Parenting Healthy.

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  1. January: Reading with Children, STEM for girls, Hot Tea Month and Slow Cooker Month, Cold/Flu, Super Bowl, Goals
  2. February: Valentine’s Gift Guide and baking, Heart Healthy foods, Dentistry for Children and Fat Tuesday foods, St Patricks, Winter Fashion
  3. March: Nutrition month, Caffeine, Spring Cleaning, Essential Oils, March Madness, Easter, St. Patricks, Spring break
  4. April: Sandwich month, Garlic month, Easter Gift Guide, Easter, Earth Day, Spring Break, Outdoor Entertaining, Cinco de Mayo
  5. May: BBQ, Salsa month, Camping, Outdoor Toys, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Vacation planning
  6. June: Road Trips, Candy month, Iced Teas, Travel, 4th of July, NBA, Father’s Day
  7. July: Ice Cream, Picnics, Learning Toys, Safe Skincare, 4th of July, Fitness, Beating the heat, Summer
  8. August: Back to School, children books, foods/recipes, Fruit/Veggies, NFL, Scheduling
  9. September: Chicken foods, Fall Home Decor, Winter beauty prep, Labor Day, Grandparents day, Halloween
  10. October: Halloween, Winter prep-car and home, Cookie month, Pizza month, World Series, Cold/Flu
  11. November: Holiday Gift Guide, Thanksgiving, Sauces, Food & Decor, Black Friday, Gluten-free
  12. December, Gift Guide continued, Christmas, Holiday Baking, Entertaining, New Years

Feel free to reach out anytime and don’t forget to add this to your 2017 calendar near the months that pertain to your own campaigns. For current ways to be featured, visit my PR/Media Kit <<HERE>>