PanteneProtect and How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

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How often should you condition your hair? I have heard that you should condition only a few times a week and others say everyday if you swim or are in the sun. I wanted to know myself and as I prepared to use my new Pantene shampoos and conditioners from Walmart, I set out to find the real answers from real experts. After some research I was confident I found out just how often you should condition.
For starters, I learned that there is a proper way to condition your hair that I never knew about. Typically I condition about 3 times a week. I put some conditioner in the palm of my hand and run in scalp and hair and rinse. I learned through several medical and top beauty articles that you actually should keep conditioners off of your scalp as much as you can. It is recommended that you apply conditioner to hair from root to end-only messaging your hair and not your scalp. You should leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes before rinsing. If you use a quality conditioner and condition in these steps, there is no need for condition more than 2-3 times a week. Your hair should have the moisture it needs lasting days at a time. 

I started using Pantene Full & Strong conditioner. I hardly buy a matching shampoo and conditioner for hair type. Typically I get a full body or clean shampoo and then use a volume conditioner. For shampoo I have the Pantene Classic Clean daily shampoo. Using the same brand together like Pantene shampoos and conditioners helps give your hair the strength as a duo that it needs. When you add protecting style products like Pantene Repair & Protect before blow drying and/or Pantene Smooth & Sleek to calm the frizz, your hair gets the nutrients it needs and you can let that conditioner last a bit longer as it has plenty of protection to last you a few days.
I bought my Pantene products at Walmart because Walmart always has what I need at low prices and they have a 2x money back guarantee on Pantene. Don’t like what it does for your hair? Get 2x your money back. I have yet to hold them to that as I am happy with the product I have and as I  get my hair done, I have never been lectured or questioned on brands I am using by my stylist-only comments on my healthy and undamaged hair.
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How often do you condition your hair?

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