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Pancake Day with Whiskware Pancake Art Kit

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February 28 is Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday. Every year we celebrate this day before Ash Wednesday so lather on the butter and syrup or nutella and whip cream and indulge. It is the Tuesday to eat these fatty foods because the next day starts the 40 days of Lent.

Celebrate with Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

cinnamon roll pancakes

I use a protein pancake mix we love and it is our Costco must-have for waffles and pancakes. But I began adding a bit of a twist after seeing a similar recipe in a video a while back.

While you make the batter, make a cinnamon filling in a separate bowl. You will want this ready before pouring the pancake batter onto the hot cooking surface you are cooking on.

Cinnamon filling

Cinnamon Filling: 6 TBSP butter, 1/2-3/4 C brown sugar and 1-2 TBSP of cinnamon to taste.

After you pour batter on pan, use the Whiskware Pancake Art Kit Bottle to drizzle cinnamon filling over batter on the side that’s up. When you flip to cook that size it will bake into the pancake for a light crunch of cinnamon (if you add the higher amount of brown sugar you get that nice mild crunch of sweetness). My son just adds butter but you can make a cream cheese frosting or syrup.

Whiskware BlenderBottles

I love having the Whiskware Pancake Art Kit because I have one batter blender bottle for the mix and a second smaller blender art bottle for the filling and it is so quick and easy to make these pancakes with no mess or accidentally pouring too much batter or filling.

Plus you can use the shapes included and use the cinnamon filling recipe above strategically to make even better pancake art-make eyes, lines with the filling. Visit Whiskware and find more great BlenderBottle and other kitchen products to make your kitchen life easier.

Pancake art

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