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Pacific Play Tents Bed Tents Makes Bedtime Less Stressful

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My son is 8 but when I think back to him as an infant I remember one Sluka rule I established right from the start-he will not get used to sleeping in our bed. My nephew is 18 months older than Anthony and I remember hearing the unpleasant bedtime stories about him refusing to sleep in his crib and I did not want to start that habit. So, from 3 months on I had a child who fell asleep great in his own crib and he has always been a great sleeper. I know many of you do not have that ‘great’ sleeper-I am well aware I should count my blessings. I have a solution that I hope will work for you-Bed Tents from Pacific Play Tents.

Kids love forts and hiding places. Not only do hiding spots give them a sense of security but it gives them a space all their own to create and imagine ad that was the goal for Pacific Play Tents when they designed these Bed Tents.

bed tent camp out

Anthony thinks the fort idea is so cool. He has already brought neighbor kids up to show off his sleep fort and at 8 they think it is so fun. He has books and his blankets in there.


The bed tents come in 6 designs and 2 sizes for twin and full beds. Set up was so easy and only took minutes. So far he is highly enjoying it and I can fit just fine sitting inside as we read at bedtime together. Here is more in his video below…

What do you think? Do you feel this can be a fun tool to encourage your child to sleep in his or her own bed? I think it may be worth the try and if you travel it comes with a storage bag and is as easy to take down as it was to set up.

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