Ozeri OZH1 Dual Zone Oscillating Heater with Remote Review

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If you follow this blog you may be well aware that I have become such an Ozeri fan (pardon the ‘fan’ pun). I had not known Ozeri until I did my first review but I was asked to review again and gladly accepted and the again and so on. Going back a few years I have not had an Ozeri product fail on me. So I am proud to feature this Ozeri Oscillating Heater. Yes! Heater!

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Because this is a tower heater there are 2 heat zones-an upper and lower. This is great because if you just need heat at your feet then you can turn on the low fan. If you are trying to warm up in a high spot then use the top fan. Or turn them both on for optimal space heating. Then turn to swing mode so it will rotate and push that warm air around.

ozeri heat

The power button is up top so no worries you may accidentally bump it on. It has all the safety features you want in a heater incase it gets too hot or tips. Plus it is a thin design so fits in well with your room size. Choose your exact heat setting as well. From a distance you can control all functions with the included remote. This is great if you are using in a nursery and don’t want to disturb baby walking in or in an office setting.

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I typically find my Ozeri products on Amazon. So head over and order your today. if you do not need a safe and effective space heater then perhaps you know someone who does.

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