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Outdoor Challenge Game – Smash Pong!™ Review


Thank you Educational Insights for partnering with us for the feature. Opinions are my own

 “Turn the TV off and get outside!” Sound familiar? Welcome to summer! You probably then hear that they don’t know what to do outside or that it’s too hot. Perhaps you can use different words like “Turn off the TV and go Smash something!” Now you have their attention as you hand them Smash Pong! from Educational Insights when they walk out the door. Even I have fun with this one.

Outdoor Challenge Game - Smash Pong!™ Review

Not only does Smash Pong! get the kids outside and moving it fits right into the Educational Insights theme as toys that teach. Within the instructions of this game your children are using strategic thinking skills and working on teamwork and sportsmanship. Add in the element of velocity, precision and spatial reasoning and they are not just playing, but learning too.

Smash Pong! has been a hit with my son and the neighbor kids outside. You take a challenge card randomly or you can just pick one then load, aim, and launch the ping pong balls into the target. The bucket the contents come in is the target. When they are done playing you load the bucket with the contents for easy storage.

Scoring is done if the player misses after 3 attempts, they lose a turn. If the player scores, they get to shoot again. The first to complete 3 different challenges wins. It seems so simple yet you will be amazed on how long they will stay active with this set. Because it stores well we can pack it with camping supplies and take it to the lake or BBQ’s. Find this and other educational games at Educational Insights.

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