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Our #WetHeadChallenge with Zing

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If you have children of any age (or just love fun games) then you may have heard of the Pie in the Face phenomenon that was going on just before the holidays. I got my son the Pie in the Face game early in the season and am glad I did because they became harder and harder to locate as it got closer to Christmas. My son loves the game and has challenged many family and friends. Now Zing Toys has a new challenge, the #WetHeadChallenge.


Wet Head is a game of innocent roulette as you fill the cap with water and decide on a game play to see who pulls that one stick that will empty that water onto their head. You can play the traditional way with the included spinner, create your own play rules or download the free app and play with the trivia style questions. My son wanted to start out with the standard spinner style.

It is a lot of fun and full of suspense. Such a great game just in time for the heat of summer for a long time of fun outdoors. Want to join in on the challenge? Use the app or your own camera and sharing tools to feature your video using the hashtag #WetHeadChallenge. Then browse that tag to see other players hilarious moments.

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