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Our Trip to the ER Last Night & Why My Son Behaved So Well

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Last night was out turn to host Fight night. There were UFC Fights and we had some friends over. After the fight, my 4 year old wanted to play Fight so a friend of ours, sitting on our couch put his hand up so my son could punch the palm of his hand. It became a game. At one point my son thought he’d get a running start on his punch, tripped and went face first into the arm rest of the couch. It wasn’t that dramatic of a fall until he stood up and gushing blood was coming from his mouth. In a panic I raced him to the Bathroom to get wet rags and find the bleeding source. He was hysterical from seeing all the Blood and there was a lot! I had to insist he stop crying as his crying is making him bleed worse and amazingly he immediately stopped so I can find the source. It was obvious right away he had put his tooth completely through his lip! His bottom lip was slit and the inside of his cheek at the lip looked like Cauliflower! I knew he needed stitches so off to the local ER at 8pm we went! He was very nervous but played Brave the whole time. All of our friends came with us as we packed into the Excursion. They loved us all in their quiet ER-really we were all pleasant and the staff was awesome! I know having himself surrounded by us all made him that much more relaxed as that is why I thought he was being amazingly calm. They gave him a Lidocaine injection-a wince, but no tears! He asked “When is this ball going to be gone out of my mouth?” We explained that it is Medicine that makes him not feel anything so when the Dr fixes his lip it won’t hurt. They promised him Chocolate Pudding after and explained to us that most kids would have freaked out and when they are combative like that they usually need conscious sedation and that is a 4 hour ordeal. Thank god he was calm! We were all amazed, nurses and Dr included! We were back home by 9:30pm-gave him Advil and he crashed! This morning……

4 Stitches: 2 inside his cheek and 2 on the outside! This morning we talked about how today we are going to take him out for a surprise as he was so good. He responds ” Do you know why I was so good at the Hospital…..member when I asked who the police guys were?…You said they are the guys (security) that make sure people are behaving (Yes, I said that implying those in the waiting room)…well, I didn’t want them to get me so I had to behave!” OMG!!!! Poor guy, the entire time he thought Security was there to make sure he behaves for the Dr. Guess I next time I will explain in better detail the role of Hospital employees. I also work at the Hospital Clinic, so he is familiar and his name was Anthony and we were at St Anthony’s…he thought that was pretty cool!

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14 thoughts on “Our Trip to the ER Last Night & Why My Son Behaved So Well”

  1. Ugh! I have a 4 yr old boy too and he is constantly falling down or hitting his head on things. He even has a permanent fat lip because of all the scar tissue- no joke! That's funny that he thought he was going to get in trouble if he didn't behave at the hospital. I'm sure it made the whole process a lot easier anyways. lol..

  2. aww your poor little guy!! I hope he is feeling better today.
    My 5 and 2 year old are always falling my 5 year old broke this 3 front teeth from falling and had to get the surgical removed. My 2 year old crack his head open, but didn't need stitches they gave him some sort of medical glue
    I went into full panic both time <3

  3. Oh, poor baby!! He was so tough!! I don't know that I would spill the beans about the policemen though. At my house, that would be the only thing to keep my son calm. He still thinks the car will beep at him if he misbehaves.

  4. I did the same thing when I was 4. My parents went out to dinner and my grandmother was watching me but she didn't feel good so she called my uncle to come to her house and watch me. I kept rocking on a footstool and he kept telling me to stop or I would get hurt, so I waited until he was in the bathroom and kept on rocking back and forth. Of course I ended up falling face first and biting right through my lip in the left corner and through the skin below my lip. I freaked out, my uncle freaked out, my grandmother got up and freaked out. In a time before cell phones they managed to get a hold of my parents who rushed me to the hospital. It was packed that night so a nurse basically packed my face with guaze and gave me an iced tea to drink while I waited. I remember my mom yelling at her asking how I was supposed to drink a can of iced tea after she shoved guaze in there. She came back with a straw, and just had my parents hold the guaze on the outside. I remember we had to wait HOURS because the ER dr didn't want to stitch me because I was a girl, and he wanted to wait for a plastic surgeon. Finally a really nice woman doctor came and got me and they gave me what I assume was lidocaine. I wanted each parent to hold a hand but police came and took them out of the room so I freaked out. Then the woman doctor had to stop stitching so I could talk to the police. They kept asking how it happened and I kept telling them I didn't know. I thought I would go to jail for disobeying my uncle! The doctor stitched up my lip and a police officer who I sort of recognized as a family friend came in and asked me where my parents were when it happened. I told them out to dinner, that I was at my grandmas, but she was sick so my Uncle Peter was watching me. He left and came back and assured me that they don't take kids to jail for being bad, only adults who do bad things, and he really needed to know what happened – the truth. I finally explained I was disobeying my uncle and fell off the footstool. He waved to other cops and my parents were finally allowed in. I really didn't understand what happened until I was older. My parents were being held on child abuse charges because I kept saying I didn't know how it happened. Luckily a family friend recognized the name when the call went out and knew my parents were good people, and knew I was scared to death of getting in trouble. He had called my grandmothers house and got their side of the story, but they needed me to tell the truth to let my parents take me home.

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