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Our Night at #Lego KidsFest in Portland

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Well, after weeks of some little boys’ heavy anticipations they finally got to go to Lego KidsFest in Portland this weekend. We took them Friday night then rented a room in Portland and made a getaway out of it. The venue was perfect and clean there at the Oregon Convention Center. There was near sell out crowds (Saturday did actually sell out), but we never felt crammed. We walked in to some amazing Lego statues from Lightning McQueen to Star Wars characters and Avengers and these amazing creations were all around us. My son’s favorite was the Ninjago he is pictured with below! And there was an ongoing line to get pictures with the Lego Mummy the boys loved!

The first station they became enamoured with was the Lego Galaxy arena where they got a pin they all proudly wore the rest of the night. The 2 booths they spent the most time at was the Honesty Tea Green Legos tables- who would of thought 3 boys ages 5-10 could spend so much time building with nothing but green colored Legos?! Then they moved onto the vehicle tables where they got to build cars and vehicles then send them down ramps. They had a blast! The Art Gallery was fun as well. They got to free-build with 1-squared legos and display them on the wall.

If you missed out, make sure you follow Lego KidsFest on Facebook and look this time next year as they come back to town! Live near New England, Ct? You are their last stop this year Dec 6-8! Until 2014 tour, enjoy our photos….

Disclosure: We were provided the opportunity to attend this event for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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7 thoughts on “Our Night at #Lego KidsFest in Portland”

  1. Children, both boys and big boys love to build things–I figured this out when a science museum I once worked for had an exhibit that was hands on building—It was great to see the Dad's working with their sons! I am sure this Lego Kid Fest was enjoyed by all attendees (by the way even the girls and some of the Mom's had fun together building!)

  2. WOW that Pharaoh looks cool–None of the fest were near me =( Have to check out next years schedule Pittsburg is pretty close or we could a plan a visit to see my brother in Kentucky if they stop there again =)

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